Well Overdue Pregnancy Update

I’ve been meaning to blog for weeks and just haven’t put the effort in to do it.

We are less than a week away from Heidi’s due date! Sometimes I sit and think about how quickly this time has come since we found out we were expecting in April. If it’s gone by this quickly when she’s still in my belly it makes me a little sad to think how fast she will grow and change once she’s here. I’m going to try and savor every little moment of my maternity leave because I know time is fleeting and before I know it I’ll be back at work facing new challenges. 

My emotions are so mixed as we await out daughter’s arrival. Every day I wake up wondering if today will be the day she chooses as her birth day. I get sad/scared/nervous about a tiny human being added to the equation. Sad because the era of just “Sam & Chris” is coming to a close. Scared for a list of reasons but mostly because I’m going to be a new mommy and despite all the info that’s out there to read and advice people give, it’s still a huge change and change can have a scary side. Nervous for delivery and about learning to take care of a baby. 

But I also have excitement/joy/love. Excitement for the next chapter in my life with my husband and starting a family together. Joy for the blessing I’ve been given and the thought of seeing her and touching her for the very first time. And love, for Chris, for our growing baby and for the Lord.

There is much more depth to it all but overall I am grateful for an easy pregnancy and for the love and support we’ve been showered with from the start and will, I’m sure, continue to experience after she arrives. 

I am still feeling pretty good though my feet are swollen by the end of the day, I feel a little achey from time to time and good sleep has become even more difficult. 

Each person in our family has chosen the day they think she will born so now it’s just a waiting game for bragging rights!


Heidi’s nursery was something I didn’t exactly have a clear vision for but I knew I wanted it to be a cozy and special space for our little girl. I wasn’t ever set on a theme but I’m actually pretty proud of how it all came together to be a sweet little abode. It’s not ritzy or professional but Chris and I put effort into small details and every part of the room was intentional and assembled with love throughout the last 9 months. I love that we built this space together from an ugly guest/storage room to a colorful and joyful room!

I cannot wait to lay her in her crib, rock and read to her in the chair and play with her on the floor! 


21 Weeks, 21 Questions

How far along? 21 weeks 3 days

How many days to go? 130ish days

Baby Size? 10.5 inches and 12.7oz; the size of a pomegranate

Total weight gain? About 10 pounds

Maternity clothes?  I’m still making use of some of my normal clothes but things are getting more snug. I have a solid maternity wardrobe now that I’m excited about. I’m sure I’ll add a few more pieces as the weather gets colder and I get bigger!

Stretch marks? Someone suggested coconut oil so I’ve been applying that in the shower and I’m still using body lotion so hopefully that continues to do the trick.

Sleep?  One of my mommy friends gave me a pregnancy pillow the other weekend and it’s seriously the best thing ever. It’s huge and pretty much creates a fortress around me in the bed, but I love how supportive it is and how it helps me from tossing and turning so much.

Best moment this week?  We revealed that we are having a BABY GIRL!

Have you told family and friends? Definitely well past this point. Now everyone knows the baby’s sex too!

Miss anything?  Sushi with raw fish! I can’t wait to get a really good sushi/seafood fix after baby comes.

Movement? YES! Just in the last two weeks I started to feel little flutters or thumps every now and then. Having our anatomy scan/ultrasound last week confirmed that I’m definitely feeling baby. Even more exciting is that Chris got to feel her too! I can’t wait to feel her more and more as she grows.

Food cravings? Nothing in particular or really crazy. I eat a lot of sandwiches and subs these days but I also still love a sweet coffee treat pretty often.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Not at all, luckily. I think I’m definitely past that point now.

Have you started to show yet? Yes, the baby bump is out there for the world to see now. I appreciate being out of the awkward “is she pregnant or packing on some extra pounds?” stage.

Labor signs? Nope. Not ready to think about labor quite yet.

Belly button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or moody most of the time? The excitement of our baby having a little more of an identity now that we know the sex has me really happy these days!

Looking forward to? Getting the nursery together!

Any projects? Our biggest project was the mudroom and aside from cosmetic things like decor and making it look cute, it’s done. I’m really happy with the way it turned out and am glad to have some extra storage, plus it makes a nice addition to the house. I also had this idea to chalkboard paint one side of the cabinetry and I love it!


Question 21 — ASK ME SOMETHING!


Heartbeats and House Projects

Week 19 has been long! I haven’t felt 100% for one reason or another and it makes me really appreciate how easy this pregnancy has been the majority of the time.

Jax seems unamused.

I had my monthly check up this week and after 10 minutes of my heart being in my throat because the nurse was having trouble tracking down baby’s heartbeat, I finally heard the sweet relief that there is still a person in there. This has definitely become a pattern so we must have a very active little one!

I am looking forward to the halfway mark and finding out what baby A is next week. After we find out the sex we’ll be able to start putting the details of the nursery together and I’m so excited for that!

We’ve been tackling a “mudroom” project in our house this last week. It was the only room we didn’t touch, not even repaint, when we moved in two years ago. We made do with the space but it was sort of just a landing spot for stuff we didn’t have a proper place for. The “ugly corner” of the house, haha. With baby on the way and the need to clear out the closet in the spare room we decided this was going to be our major project. Originally I wanted to do a custom built-in but that was $$$$!

So Chris did some research and we figured out we could create something useful with pieces from Ikea at a MUCH friendlier budget. I am seriously grateful for a handy man husband, it makes a huge difference when owning a home and just in general. If we have a son he’s going to learn from dad and make some girl very happy one day! (Shoutout to Jeff Anderson for teaching Chris practical skills!)


Work in progress shot.


We still need to clean, organize and put everything away but we are almost done. Final photos to come soon!