Heidi’s One Month Recap

I took a nap when we got home from dinner tonight and Chris woke me up (since I apparently ignored my alarm) so I could put Heidi to bed. After he changed her I did my usual routine of feeding her and swaddling her then I laid her in her rock and play to go to sleep. 

Typically she is half asleep after her last feed so when I lay her down she’s quick to fade. She was awake when I laid her down tonight but not fussy. So I got up to wash some bottles and such, brush my teeth and get ready for bed. 

Maybe 10 min later when I was done I went to Heidi’s room to check on her, figuring she fell asleep because there hadn’t been a peep. I turn on my cell phone to shine over her to make sure she’s asleep but instead she’s smiling up at me wide eyed with her little hand propped under her chin. My heart practically melted on the floor!

I scooped that angel up immediately and sat in the recliner and rocked her to sleep while I talked to and prayed over her. 

That was one of those moments you just know you need to cherish because it won’t last forever. I welled up with tears as I thought. She won’t always be such a good girl. She won’t always be so tiny. She won’t always want to be held. So I took advantage and am locking this memory up in my heart. I love that girl to pieces.

Mommy and daddy’s first date!

This month Heidi’s height is almost 22″ and her weight is about 9.5 lbs. She’s still wearing newborn clothes and 0-3 sizes are a little big on her. I don’t mind because I’m glad we’re getting some wear out of things and to be completely honest, momma isn’t ready to let go of newborn status!

Her sleeping patterns are still pretty regular, about 4-5 times a day and she’s mostly sleeping 6-8 hour stretches at night now. She’s been sleeping through the night for the most part since day 2 home and can sleep through noise like a champ! She is becoming more alert and awake as the weeks pass.

Her feeding schedule is every 3-4 hours except at night when she goes longer. I love watching her eat, she’s always so focused and her milk drunk faces still make me giggle.

Some sounds and motions she makes are a little bit of cooing and stretching her arms out or kicking her legs. We’ve been doing tummy time daily the last week or so and she’s getting good at pushing up and holding her head up or turning it from side to side.

She likes when daddy talks to her and gives her kisses. She also loves going for walks in the stroller. She dislikes being wiped down and changed into new clothes.

Being a sweet girl at my one month check up

Her favorite toy is her little jungle kick and play piano mat and the singing owl bar on her car seat. She loves the peaceful piano playlist on Spotify. 


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