Heartbeats and House Projects

Week 19 has been long! I haven’t felt 100% for one reason or another and it makes me really appreciate how easy this pregnancy has been the majority of the time.

Jax seems unamused.

I had my monthly check up this week and after 10 minutes of my heart being in my throat because the nurse was having trouble tracking down baby’s heartbeat, I finally heard the sweet relief that there is still a person in there. This has definitely become a pattern so we must have a very active little one!

I am looking forward to the halfway mark and finding out what baby A is next week. After we find out the sex we’ll be able to start putting the details of the nursery together and I’m so excited for that!

We’ve been tackling a “mudroom” project in our house this last week. It was the only room we didn’t touch, not even repaint, when we moved in two years ago. We made do with the space but it was sort of just a landing spot for stuff we didn’t have a proper place for. The “ugly corner” of the house, haha. With baby on the way and the need to clear out the closet in the spare room we decided this was going to be our major project. Originally I wanted to do a custom built-in but that was $$$$!

So Chris did some research and we figured out we could create something useful with pieces from Ikea at a MUCH friendlier budget. I am seriously grateful for a handy man husband, it makes a huge difference when owning a home and just in general. If we have a son he’s going to learn from dad and make some girl very happy one day! (Shoutout to Jeff Anderson for teaching Chris practical skills!)


Work in progress shot.


We still need to clean, organize and put everything away but we are almost done. Final photos to come soon!


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