Week 18 Changes

Really bumpin’ this week!

I decided early on to try and completely embrace the changes that would take place throughout our pregnancy. This isn’t to say I haven’t had days where I want to break out in tears as I choose what to wear because my body is in between some of my normal clothes and needing that extra room and comfort of maternity clothes. Or that I don’t have days where I feel anxious because I imagine things being a certain way when the baby comes but know I have nearly zero control of most of the things that have me worried. But generally speaking, this is a time of BIG change, in myself physically and emotionally, as well as in my marriage and relationship with Chris as we prepare to have a family.

We aren’t even halfway through yet and I can honestly say this pregnancy has been more confirmation to what I already knew – Chris is THE best partner. It’s so exciting to see him concerned about my well being in a new way and actively engaged in preparation for this little person. He’s always loved kids but I’ve noticed how patient he is with our nephews when he loses patience more quickly in other situations. And how creative and caring he is with them too. He’s going to be an amazing dad and while I do have my insecurities about all the things to come I have reassurance in knowing he is there to get through all the challenging and rewarding moments with me.

Speaking of changes, more obviously, I chopped off my hair and got purple ink this weekend. I always go through phases with my hair and I figured why not add more change to the mix!

We also painted the nursery this weekend. It feels great to have the space nearly ready for all the small touches that are soon to come once we know the sex of baby A.

Next week we have our monthly checkup and then the following week we go back for the baby’s anatomy scan. I am counting down the days!
Also still awaiting that first movement…!


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