Week 17

I’m on a plane to Atlanta for a daytrip work meeting so I figured I’d take the disconnected time to write an update. It helps that I’m sitting comfortably in first class – perks of having a boss who flies on the regular!

Not much has changed in the last week so I didn’t want to fill out the same little questionairre as last week. Still haven’t felt any movement and I’m getting anxious to feel something. I feel like either no one really talks about it or I’m overly worrisome on some days. Perhaps it’s because most days I don’t even feel pregnant so sometimes I have to remind myself that there is a little person in my belly squirming around. From the moment you find out you’re pregnant your mindset completely changes, especially in those first few weeks as you wait to see your little one on an ultrasound and when the risk of miscarrying is the highest. So many things run through your mind as you adjust to the idea of motherhood (speaking as a first time mom). Even having been to the Dr. a few times now and everything checking out OK there still is this small bit of worry every now and then between visits in the weeks that you’re still too early to really feel the baby. It’s certainly a season of checking off the weeks and milestones!

In the meantime we’ve begun preparing our spare room to become baby A’s nursery. We’ve sold all of the furniture that was in there and are having our rooms measured for new carpet. We also picked up some paint samples and built the crib on Sunday. We still have a lot to do but I felt like the crib was the first big step in really preparing for baby’s arrival.

It was sort of an emotional feeling; I compared it to the first time I tried on my wedding dress and knew it was the one I’d be saying my vows in. I didn’t truly feel like a bride until that moment. Standing there hugging Chris after we completed the crib was suddenly a feeling of “Wow, in a few short months there will be a tiny human sleeping sweetly in this crib we just built.”

Early next month we find out the sex and I can hardly wait! That news will definitely be a turning point in our pregnancy. Planning has been exciting so far and I know with the knowledge of whether we will have a boy or girl it will get even more real and exciting!

I’ve still been feeling great and pray that I continue to be blessed with an easy experience. We’ve been fairly busy the last couple of weeks so the weeks are flying off the calendar. Before we know it we’ll be at the halfway mark!


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