Beach Bliss

The most difficult decisions we’ve had to make in the last four days are what we want to eat for lunch and dinner and whether we want to lounge by the pool or by the beach. Rough life, I know!

But really, we’ve had THE most relaxing time here in Krabi and I’m so grateful for a husband who is a master travel planner. Last night we were looking back through photos from our past travels. It was great reminiscing and seeing all the awesome places we’ve already been together. Traveling is my happy place and it’s especially awesome to now have a life partner who has the same love for experiencing other cultures and new places. I can’t wait to see what adventures we will plan next!

For now, back to Krabi. Early morning yesterday, we travelled by longtail boat to Hong Island to do some snorkeling and have some beach space to ourselves. It’s pretty amazing how there are all this little islands out in the distance with beaches, lagoons and towering rock. Most beachy destinations all you can see in the distance is the horizon. We also went into Krabi Town last night to check out the night market. Again, there were a ton of street vendors. We found a few interesting items this time, but still a lot of clothes and Americanized toys.

Here are a few musings:

  • Men/boys will stop on the side of the road to pee. Not even trying to conceal themselves. We literally saw a man pulled over on the side of the highway peeing out in the open. I guess if you gotta go, you gotta go!
  • Overindulgence, at least the body massage type, is perfectly acceptable.
  • There is such thing as secret crab fight clubs in Krabi. Well, not seriously, but there are loads of crabs on the beaches here and they do fight! It’s pretty entertaining.
  • Apparently it’s a hobby to have singing birds here and to enter them into competitions. You can drive down the road and people have birdcages hanging outside of their homes. Then there are places where they hang like 20 cages together and the winner gets somewhere close to 5,000 baht ($150)!
  • Low tide at Tubkaak beach is crazy low and the tides come in and out fairly quickly. It’s like, where does all that water go?!
  • European men have no shame.
  • Thai food, while it seems kind of complicated, is actually pretty quick and easy to make. We made three tasty dishes in less than an hour!
  • While we hopefully won’t be getting pregnant anytime in the near future, I randomly came up with this brilliant idea for announcing when we do. I think it will be super fitting and pretty dang cute!

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