Beach Bliss

The most difficult decisions we’ve had to make in the last four days are what we want to eat for lunch and dinner and whether we want to lounge by the pool or by the beach. Rough life, I know!

But really, we’ve had THE most relaxing time here in Krabi and I’m so grateful for a husband who is a master travel planner. Last night we were looking back through photos from our past travels. It was great reminiscing and seeing all the awesome places we’ve already been together. Traveling is my happy place and it’s especially awesome to now have a life partner who has the same love for experiencing other cultures and new places. I can’t wait to see what adventures we will plan next!

For now, back to Krabi. Early morning yesterday, we travelled by longtail boat to Hong Island to do some snorkeling and have some beach space to ourselves. It’s pretty amazing how there are all this little islands out in the distance with beaches, lagoons and towering rock. Most beachy destinations all you can see in the distance is the horizon. We also went into Krabi Town last night to check out the night market. Again, there were a ton of street vendors. We found a few interesting items this time, but still a lot of clothes and Americanized toys.

Here are a few musings:

  • Men/boys will stop on the side of the road to pee. Not even trying to conceal themselves. We literally saw a man pulled over on the side of the highway peeing out in the open. I guess if you gotta go, you gotta go!
  • Overindulgence, at least the body massage type, is perfectly acceptable.
  • There is such thing as secret crab fight clubs in Krabi. Well, not seriously, but there are loads of crabs on the beaches here and they do fight! It’s pretty entertaining.
  • Apparently it’s a hobby to have singing birds here and to enter them into competitions. You can drive down the road and people have birdcages hanging outside of their homes. Then there are places where they hang like 20 cages together and the winner gets somewhere close to 5,000 baht ($150)!
  • Low tide at Tubkaak beach is crazy low and the tides come in and out fairly quickly. It’s like, where does all that water go?!
  • European men have no shame.
  • Thai food, while it seems kind of complicated, is actually pretty quick and easy to make. We made three tasty dishes in less than an hour!
  • While we hopefully won’t be getting pregnant anytime in the near future, I randomly came up with this brilliant idea for announcing when we do. I think it will be super fitting and pretty dang cute!

Bangkok Day 2 and Krabi Day 1

Our second day in Bangkok was filled with trains, boats and lots of walking! We visited the Temple of the Reclining Buddha and the Grand Palace. The scale, architecture and details of these places is seriously impressive. It was incredible to see in person, and while we took a TON of photos, I don’t think they actually do the place justice.

We also walked around the streets of the area some more. There are SO many sidewalk vendors and markets in Bangkok, and in the middle of the week too! It’s actually mostly food and fresh produce. You could never go hungry here.

Several times while we were exploring we got stopped by Thai people who spoke fairly good English. After the second time of getting stopped and told that where we were going was closed for some sort of holiday (school, Buddhist, monk…) we got a little suspicious. Google never fails. Turns out these people are in cohorts with the tuk tuk drivers and try to get you to go somewhere entirely different than where you’re headed so they can make a few bucks off the referral. Aside from these schemers, Thai people are incredibly friendly and very helpful.

After our legs were aching and our clothes soaked with sweat, we decided to head back to the hotel to freshen up. A nap was also in order.

As many of you know, if there is a craft beer bar within any sort of accessible radius, Chris will find it and insist on visiting. This particular find, Mikkeller Bar, was a 25 minute walk from the hotel and tucked away in this pretty nice looking neighborhood. I have to admit, walking down off the main streets felt a little sketchy, but I also trust my husband would not put me in danger. We walk in and its got this super cozy outdoor area with bean bags and tables, and is very inviting and bright looking inside. We order a couple of beers and sit around chatting. They also had a newly opened tasting room in the back, so naturally, Chris gets to chatting up the cool guy working. He only bought ONE beer to bring back home. I couldn’t believe it! I wanted to know, immediately, who this man I was with was. Certainly not Chris Anderson!

We go back inside to get another beer and as Chris is ordering I walk upstairs to check it out. On the way back down my slick shoes did not like the slick stairs and I busted my butt. I bounced back up quickly after having the wind knocked out of me. A few minutes later my wrist is THROBBING and I am SOBBING. Needless to say, the rest of the night was shot. 😦 (I’ve been icing it and putting the equivalent of icy hot on it — I’m certain it’s just a bad bruise and sprain.)

The next morning we were off to Krabi and anxiously anticipating the peaceful resort that awaited us. We were picked up from the airport by a very nice man in a fancy Hyundai van with reclining seats! It was a 45 minute drive to Tubkaak Krabi Resort. This is one of the most relaxing places I’ve ever stepped foot. As I sit on our villa patio typing this, there is a small yoga class going on in the lawn, birds chirping in the beautiful shade of the trees and the water quietly rolling up the beach a few feet away.

We spent our first day here laying around on the beach, soaking in the water, eating meals at the Thai and Italian restaurants on site and watching movies in our precious room. It was amazing to just BE.

This morning we participated in something called tak bat, a food offering to the Buddhist monks. A monk came to our resort and stood with an alms bowl as we offered food and made wishes of good blessing. Afterward, we sat in a circle and were blessed by the monk. We made a chain around and the leader poured water into a bowl symbolizing all of the negativity and bad energy running through one another and into the bowl of water. We are not Buddhist, but taking part in this local tradition was very cool.

Now, off to the spa for our herbal bath and Thai massage!

Our Honeymoon Adventures Begin!

Good morning from Mrs. Anderson! (Since Sunday, I’ve been using my new name more than is truly necessary because I still cannot get over the fact that I am MARRIED!)

It’s about 7am here in Bangkok (on Wednesday, March 18) and I figured it’s as good a time as ever to write in my highly underutilized blog. So here it goes — I am documenting our Thai honeymoon!

We left for the airport around noon on Sunday, March 15, for the first leg of our trip halfway across the globe. Houston to Los Angeles was not too exciting, aside from being in a little roomier seats in first class. Of course we were exhausted from our wedding celebrations the night before so we slept some of the way. When we landed we found out that Chris’ old friend from college was working in LA and was around the airport area waiting to drop his wife off from visiting for the weekend, so we actually got to get out of the airport for a bit. They picked us up and we went to a nearby park to enjoy the nice weather, catch up and watch the planes come in. After he dropped us off, we had to sit around the airport for a few hours to wait to check into our international flight and check our bags again. We lazed around the fancy outdoor patio and I took a snooze on one of the couches.

About midnight it was finally time for us to depart. We got on our EVA Airways flight and I was instantly impressed. We flew business class where each person got their own little pod area fully stocked with Fiji water, noise canceling headphones, a little restroom kit (with socks, toothbrush, toothpaste, an eye mask for sleeping, body lotion, lip balm, and a hair brush), a down comforter, a pillow and a personal TV. Also, the seats lay all the way flat so it’s very easy and a lot more comfortable to sleep — which you need to do on a 14 hour flight! They served coursed meals that were pretty tasty and the flight attendants made it very comfortable and relaxing. Chris ruined me now — I’ll never want to fly a long international flight in economy again!!

We arrived in Taipei around 5am and again had to sit around in the airport club while we waited for our final flight to Bangkok. They had an awesome spread of food, nice showers and modern seating areas. Chris and I took some time to jot down our memories from the wedding so we can go back and read them every now and then (we have so many good ones!). The Taipei airport was one of the cooler airports I’ve ever been to. Each gate was decorated differently and they had a massive shopping area with every kind of designer brand you could think of. The Hello Kitty gate was my favorite!

Bangkok is interesting. We got to see some of the city while we were on our taxi ride from the airport to the hotel. It reminds me a lot of Mexico City, but with an Asian flare, of course. One thing we immediately noticed is that there are sooo many scooter drivers, and they literally give ZERO cares about lanes or space. I swore we were going to get hit or hit someone at least two dozen times in our half hour drive. Many of the drivers don’t even wear helmets and they stack up to four people on one small scooter. I thought Houston driving was a little crazy. We got nothing on Thai drivers! The side streets are so congested and are more like little alleyways.

We finally arrived at the hotel and found out upon check-in that they upgraded us to a suite! It’s really nice with a living area and two bathrooms. They left us a beautiful bouquet of flowers and two towels folded into swans to make a heart shape. Taking a shower felt so fantastic after such a long trip. We made tea time at our hotel and afterward decided to take a walk around the block to find a place to get a massage. I thought the foot massage spas were cheap at home, but here they are only about $16! Chris asked if you could overdo massages – HAH, please!

After our super relaxing massages we took the train to an area called Nana to grab some street food for dinner and check out the night market. We had some authentic seafood pad Thai and chicken fried rice that was pretty tasty. We were surprised at the amount of people on the streets and at the bars so early on a Tuesday (we lost a day coming here so everyone was celebrating St. Paddy’s – which I also didn’t expect to see). We had some time to kill while the vendors were getting set up so we walked around a little Middle Eastern mall and grabbed a cold beer at an outdoor patio place.

The night market wasn’t as great as I thought it would be. It was mostly cheap jewelry, trickety items, Americanized clothing, a lifetimes supply of Viagra and other sketchy things.

We still can’t decide what we think of the city. There is a lot more English than we expected (on billboards and around in general). It’s very large (6.4 million people) and very cheap to buy things (we found out minimum wage is $10 a day!) The people are incredibly hospitable though, I really like their humble culture.

Today we are going to venture out to the Grand Palace, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha and the Temple of Dawn. I think it will be much more exciting!

Until my next update ❤