Homemade Sunflower Seeds

This past weekend I went and spent some time at the boyfriend’s parent’s house. I love going out there because his mom always has some kind of new project or recipe for us to take on. This time it was harvesting sunflower seeds!

I’ve snacked on countless bags of sunflower seeds on road trips and at the beach, but I can’t say I’d ever given much thought to where they actually came from. I mean, obviously they come from sunflowers, hence the name, but when you look at a sunflower you don’t really see the seeds. So this little project was a learning experience for me.

I forgot to snap a photo of the huge sunflowers they have in their yard so this stock photo will have to do to show the “before”.


We cut down five flowers and wiped the centers off to get to the seeds. Getting the seeds out of their little pockets proved to be more difficult than we expected (even causing blisters)! We then had to sort through the batch to pick out all the bits of flower and the rotted/holed seeds. Afterward, we soaked the seeds overnight in saline water. The next morning we set them out on racks and paper towels to dry for a few hours. Before roasting them, we mixed one batch with a tablespoon of honey for a different flavor.


300 degrees for 30 minutes and voila! Honey roasted on the left and salted on the right. Yum!!



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