Up-Cycled Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are a summer wardrobe staple. But, if you’re anything like me, you have several pairs that sit at the bottom of your drawer while others get the majority of your attention. After a little inspiration from Pinterest, as usual, I decided I wanted to up-cycle a couple of those older pairs I never wore. Whether you feel your pair is out of style or a bit too short now, with a few “upgrades”, I almost guarantee they will be your new go-to item!

I’m still new at this whole sewing machine thing, so although these super sassy, high-slit lace shorts were my original inspiration, I decided to take a bit simpler route for my first go-around with this project. After loving how my new shorts came out, I’ll eventually get around to tackling the side-lace look!

I told my best friend, Val, about wanting to do this project. She is my craftiest friend, and we enjoy trying new projects together so it was easy to get her on board. She even suggested another twist she saw online — to add patched pockets! I did a quick Pinterest search and found this tutorial if you are interested in trying this project for yourself.

I decided to sew this pair over the hemmed edge instead of on the inside for a more dramatic look.

I seam ripped the fold, pressed and sewed the double layered lace from the inside. Frayed the fabric a little and added the two patches on the pockets, with a little embroidery thread design. I love how these came out!

Mine and Val’s twinzie shorts!


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